You’re in the middle of typing up something important or preparing a document with a deadline looming. At the worst possible moment, the power goes out and you’re staring at a blank screen. You may well have lost some of the work you’ve just done too. The good news is that you can protect your business against the worst effects of sudden power loss with an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS.

A UPS is a device (usually powered by batteries) that will step up if there’s a power cut and keep your computer going. A basic model can be purchased as a backup for an individual computer. Larger and more expensive units are available for multiple device support during power outages, and can serve as a backup for an office or an entire building. Fairbanks, Alaska has a huge UPS powers the entire city during power failures.

A UPS isn’t a replacement for your usual power supply. It will keep your computer or other devices going for a short while. At least that will give you time to take emergency measures, including saving files and other work materials and safely closing down programs. If your workplace has an alternative power supply then a UPS will keep things ticking over briefly, giving you a window until the backup kicks in.

Although a UPS is often used principally as an emergency power supply when the mains electricity fails, it has other benefits too. Power outages are not the only power interruption that businesses can usefully guard against. An uninterruptible power supply unit also protects against other interruptions, such as fluctuations in voltage. Dips, surges and spikes in voltage can damage computer equipment, with costly consequences.

A power outage can be a temporary nuisance, perhaps little worse than a short time in the dark and the coffee machine being unusable. For businesses whose operations are centered on computers it can be a lot more trouble. If you’re on a budget then you may not need to have a backup power supply for every computer, but some are more important than others. Protecting your servers is important for any organization. Because they may take longer than other devices, like desktop PCs, to shut down safely, effective protection against power outages is a higher priority.

Different models are available to suit different needs. A really basic UPS is very affordable, with prices starting at under $100, but larger, more powerful units may be required for some office environments. There are also differences in both technology and design to choose among. A modular unit, made up of a number of smaller modules that, together, function as a large UPS, can be cost-effective to run for larger businesses with greater power protection needs. If you envisage having to expand your business, and extend your UPS backup, then this is a factor in what type or model of UPS to choose. Suppliers and IT experts can advise.

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