Windows 10 has a lot of features, with more being added all the time. We found several that we feel can streamline business processes and user experience. Here are four that are pretty handy:

1. Unpin from Start

Your people don’t need an Xbox app on their work devices–or Candy Crush Soda Saga, or even Solitaire, for that matter. Most of them can be uninstalled or removed from the Start Menu.

Right-click the Live Tiles that you have no need for. In the menu, you should see Uninstall and Unpin from Start. Some apps may not fully uninstall, but all should be able to be removed from the menu.

2. Dictation

If you tend to be a talker, sometimes typing may not be your cup of tea. Windows allows you to dictate your text in many applications. To enable this feature, access your Settings, and from there, Time & Language > Speech > Related settings. There, you’ll find Speech, inking and typing privacy settings. From there, you can enable your speech services.

Once that is done, activate Cortana’s listening feature by pressing Windows Key + H whenever your cursor is in a text box.

3. Focus Assist

Staying focused is sometimes difficult, especially when notifications keep popping up every two seconds. However, in Settings > System > Focus Assist, you can turn notifications on and off based on their priority. You can set rules based on time, location, and activity, and have a summary pop up when Focus Assist is turned off.

4. Cortana, Decision-Maker

This one’s a bit goofy, but Cortana can help you make split-second decisions. Activate Cortana, and say or type “Flip the Coin.” Cortana will tell you if it’s heads or tails. Just make sure you have your options in mind!

Even that last one was pretty productivity enhancing! What other hidden Windows 10 features do you know about? Share them in the comments below!