Passwords are Old News

The password is continuously put down as one of the least secure methods of protecting systems. The problem is that people have a hard time remembering long and complex passwords, which makes it easier for hackers. You’re better off using some sort of multi-factor authentication. Many people use SMS two-factor authentication, but there are other kinds of multi-factor authentications available.

Harder to Crack

Multi-factor authentication is an important part of system security. It requires a secondary layer of credentials to access sensitive data. Using multi-factor authentication makes it twice as difficult for hackers to access your data.

Here are a few examples of how multi-factor authentication works:

• Biometric scanning: Fingerprints, iris and retina scans, facial-recognition software, voice recognition software, and hand shape.

• Location factors: GPS tracking from your phone can be used to ensure that logins are occurring from legitimate devices.

• Possession factors: A user has to have several necessary devices with them, like a key card or a smartphone, to complete the multi-factor authentication procedures.

Multi-factor Authentication Technologies

Most people will choose either a hardware-based device, like a USB dongle, or a software-based security token which generates a security code that is sent to a smartphone. Biometric options are available, but due to the incredible popularity of smartphones, the most common method of multi-factor authentication is sending a code to a user’s smartphone.

Other security practices available are employee ID cards and GPS technology verifying the location of the person accessing the account. Basically, the heat is on, and business is doing whatever it takes to ensure security.

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