Information technology has become a central part of modern business, but because it’s getting more and more complicated, the average business user needs help managing it. In this series, we’re looking at how a managed service provider can add value to your IT. This post is about how the managed service provider can serve as a knowledgeable consultant.

How a Business Can Consult with an MSP

Managed service providers build their business on their ability to deliver business IT optimization to you. They do this day in day out. It’s unrealistic to think you can beat that spending a few hours on Google.

Consulting covers many aspects of business IT, providing different benefits to your business. In this series, we’re comparing two hypothetical businesses to show the benefits of a managed service provider’s assistance.

IT Consulting Service

Shirley manages a growing business. The growth means that she needs enhanced IT solutions to support her operations. Another business owner, Laverne, is also experiencing similar growth and has similar IT needs.

Will a Few Hours on Google Bypass the Learning Curve?

However, when it comes to selecting these solutions, the two business owners take very different paths. Shirley decides to try and design her IT upgrades herself. Laverne realizes that her expertise lies in her business, not IT, and calls in a managed service provider to help her develop a tech strategy that will allow her to scale her solutions to match demand.

Laverne has the technology solutions that suit her business and allow it to accomplish more. While Shirley might pick the right solutions with help from Uncle Google, it’s unlikely without dedicated professional advice.

Virtual CIO

Very large businesses can afford a Chief Information Officer. A managed service provider can give you a virtual CIO, who provides remote CIO services for your business. With managed services, Laverne is able to use the virtual CIO services for increased efficiency in her IT spending, productivity and data management. With a resourceful and responsive representative from the managed service provider working for her, life is good.

Shirley, on the other hand, did not choose to have access to such a resource and misses out on these business advantages.

Business Process Management

Let’s assume that both Laverne and Shirley have some inefficiencies in their business processes. We’re all human.

Shirley can try to identify and resolve these inefficiencies, but she’s a business owner, not an IT expert, so there is a lot that she just doesn’t know to look for.

As Laverne has Quikteks on her side, techs are actively seeking out and identifying any problems and are keeping her business network optimized. Laverne has more time to run her business, with better IT tools to use.

Vendor Management

Businesses rely on multiple vendors to procure the materials and technology needed for their operations. This takes time, connections, and know-how.

Even if Shirley does know what her business needs, and has found the appropriate vendors, she has to take time away from her primary job working with these vendors, placing orders, paying invoices, etc.

Laverne trusts her managed service provider to handle her vendors. Furthermore, it’s possible that the managed service provider will get Laverne a better deal, as they already have a relationship with these vendors.

Managed Services Gives You Your Best Options

A managed service provider can deliver expertise. When you need an IT solution, you can trust an MSP like Quikteks to be your consultant, CIO and advocate when dealing with vendors. You get what you need, without paying for a learning curve.

We aren’t finished exploring the benefits of managed services, so stay tuned for the rest of this series. If you’re ready to learn more about what Quikteks has to offer, call us at (973) 882-4644! We can help.