Security and efficiency really benefit when you update information technology, so you would think government  would prioritize that. However, that’s not the case. Why, and what can business learn from this?

Why Government Avoids Technology

Public scrutiny is meant to keep those in office honest and accountable, but it also means politicians are terrified of the risk that goes with innovation.

If It Ain’t Broke….

Technology can be challenging, and changing what users are used to means a learning curve. In the public sector, the screwups that happen tend to be very visible, and decision makers in government are afraid to get blamed for situations  that could affect their careers.

Egg on Face

While that doesn’t excuse the technological lag in government, it’s understandable. Consider the last time you got hung up thanks to an IT issue. Sure, it was frustrating, but was it embarrassing?

Here’s a major difference between IT innovation in government versus in business. Any mistake has consequences, but the majority of business mistakes can be kept at minimal exposure, whereas in government, the slightest mistake is newsworthy.

Business in the New Fishbowl

However, business isn’t necessarily safe from scrutiny anymore. With the increasing focus on data security and customer ratings, businesses are under a lot more  pressure to be perfect. Whether a company suffers a data leak or one of their clients has a substandard experience, it’s visible online. Today, to  be competitive, a business needs to ensure that their IT stays at optimum levels.

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