Your company’s information on your network is labeled as “sensitive” for a reason. The files on your servers contain the secrets to your success, along with financial records about you, your employees, and your customers. When trusting sensitive data to a third party, make sure that it is someone you trust.

The ability to store your data to the cloud makes trust a relevant issue. There are many different companies competing to store your data on their servers, and every one of them claims that their data storage system is secure. While it is true that the majority of IT companies have security measures in place, based on the size of the company, some data storage companies are bigger targets than others. The bigger a target a data storage company is, the more attacks they will face from hackers.

Technology giants like Google and Microsoft are large enough to have some of the most extravagant IT security systems in the world. This is necessary, because as far as the world of hackers is concerned, these companies have the biggest bulls eyes painted on their backs. We would like to think that every major company is bulletproof and “too big to fail,” yet it seems like every week we hear about another major data breach of a large company that results in the theft of valuable customer information. Evernote is the most recent example of this.

Now, we are not advocating that you avoid Microsoft, Google, and any other major technology company, the size of these companies actually comes with many advantages when it comes to doing business. We are just trying to make you aware of the hacker’s perspective. They will go after the big boss before going after the little guy. If data security is an important concern of yours, then you need to go with a company you know that you can trust. Choosing a cloud storage solution solely based on a brochure or commercial claiming that they are the biggest and the best might not be in the best interest of your company’s data.

At Quikteks we have a hands-on approach. If you have done business with us, then you already know how hard we work at maintaining your trust. With the backup solution that we provide, you can be confident that it is a solution that we have chosen because we feel it is the most secure available. Plus, with Quikteks, you have a point of contact that will answer the phone who knows much more about your business than your account number.

Trust. This is the advantage of partnering with IT professionals out of your local New Jersey area. Give us a call at (973) 882-4644 and trust us to find a secure data storage solution that you can feel good about.

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