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Where Does Your Recycled Technology Go?

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Where Does Your Recycled Technology Go?

Technology doesn’t last forever. Yet businesses go through many incoming devices and hardware each year. What does your company do with all those electronics that have reached the end of the road? This is an important issue, because disposing of devices and electronic waste in inappropriate ways is bad for the environment and could also pose a problem for your organization.

Why Can’t I Just Throw Old Technology in the Trash?

There are at least three reasons why just throwing out your old tech is a bad idea:

  1. There’s no accountability if you just treat it like household waste. Old devices contain data, and – unless you wipe the device thoroughly – anyone who finds it can retrieve and even use that data.
  2. There’s a whole lot of hazardous material inside modern computers. These need to be disposed of responsibly, instead of going to landfill and contaminating the environment.
  3. It’s just unnecessary and wasteful. The components in a computer, as well as some of the materials, can be reused or recycled. It may be quicker to throw something in the trash rather than making sure it goes to a center that can recycle it properly, but it’s bad practice. Many states also have laws governing the disposal of electronic waste.

All these are good reasons to recycle your old technology items, and you should make every effort to do it. For the security of your business, and your clients, you should take especial care to ensure that no retrievable data remains on the devices. If you’re recycling the device through a speciaiist center, check whether they erase data and destroy hard drives so that it can’t be accessed. Most of the time, data removal is your responsibility. We can assist if you want to make sure it’s done properly.

The Afterlife of Your Old Technology

When it arrives at a center to be recycled your device will be disassembled and broken down. The various components it contains will be processed and either disposed of according to best practice or retained and repurposed where possible. The materials can be used in the manufacture of new devices. It all goes towards protecting and conserving the environment.

Your technology is vital for your business and we want to ensure that you’re getting the best out of the technology you own. For help and advice, call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644.

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