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What is a Security Operations Center?

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What is a Security Operations Center?

Cybersecurity is a priority for all businesses today, in order to protect against cyberthreats and online fraud. There are many different ways to minimize the risk of hacking and cyberattacks. A new, advanced strategy that is gaining popularity is to use a service that offers a Security Operations Center, or SOC. Let’s take a look at how a Security Operations Center works.

What is an SOC?

A Security Operations Center is similar to a Network Operations Center, or NOC, but instead of focusing on the smooth running of the network, it’s dedicated specifically to security. That’s simple enough. However, keeping networks and devices secure from cyberthreats is a difficult task, owing to their complexity and the number of end-users that may be involved.

Business networks and IT systems typically run 24/7, ever day of the year. An SOC is designed to fulfil the need for seamless, non-stop monitoring for security problems. It’s a comprehensive security solution that can be operated in conjunction with an NOC (perhaps in collaboration with other IT staff – this will vary from business to business and the nature of the infrastructure).

Security solutions are ideally set up to fit with the needs and operations of individual businesses, with a view to repelling cyberthreats and maintaining uptime. Just one vulnerability can cause enormous problems for a business if that security gap remains unplugged. An SOC combines multiple tools and security solutions to make sure that you’re always one step ahead.

How an SOC Works

We’ve already mentioned that the SOC is similar to the NOC, in the sense that it’s concerned with non-stop monitoring. When a problem arises in the network, the issue is logged, notifications are generated and mitigation can begin immediately. Here are some of the services and benefits that the SOC will provide for your business.

Continuous monitoring: As well as being on guard 24/7, the SOC will monitor software and traffic patterns, as well as the behavior of the system and its users, in order to identify irregularities that could be red flags for security problems.

Comprehensive assessment: Allied to continuous monitoring, all hardware, applications and other tools on the network are identified so that all components of the infrastructure are on the radar for security inspection.

Systematic logging: Keeping track of what happens within complex IT systems is a massive task and few organizations have the staff or the expert knowledge to track every issue and potential threat as it arises. The SOC will systematically log all the actions taken, from the measures taken to secure the network, to communications with staff, vendors and other parties. This is important for ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates and provides another level of control.

Could a Security Operations Centre protect your business network and IT systems? For more information, call Quikteks today at (973) 882-4644.

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