Everyone who uses a computer knows the word ‘network’. You’ll have heard of network security and network maintenance, and almost everyone knows about social networking. But what exactly is a network?

What Are Networks?

In simple terms, a network is a group of computers and other hardware devices that are connected and can communicate with each other, so that resources can be shared between them. Anyone who works in a collaborative office environment will probably be familiar with networks. Almost everyone using a computer will be a part of the biggest ever network: the internet. The internet is evidence of the enormous power and amazing possibilities that networks offer for communication.

What Networks Do

Networks connect a community of computer users, with the following benefits:

  • • Files can be shared among all people with access to the network.
  • Users can share access to hardware and devices attached to the network, such as printers.
  • • Software can be shared by all users on the network.
  • • Information can be shared, and accessed by all users with the required access permission.
  • • Basic communications such as email and instant messaging.

Networks and Security

Communication is key in business and many other areas of life. Making sure that communications are limited to those authorised to receive them is just as important. It’s a sad fact of modern life that computers and IT have bred a new type of conman, specialized in cybercrime. Whether that’s intercepting communications, data harvesting or spreading viruses and malware, it’s a real threat.

Strong network security is essential. It can be fairly straightforward to keep your network safe, especially if you have a trustworthy IT provider to advise you. Strategies to secure your network include regular password updates and training to encourage smart user behaviour, as well as solid firewalls and antivirus solutions. Using a virtual private network (VPN) is a good way to ensure privacy and safety.

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