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What is a ‘Network’?

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What is a 'Network'?

The word “network” gets tossed around a lot. Network security, network maintenance, social networking, network switch, etc. But what is a network, really? That is precisely what we shall dive into here.

What Is A Network?

In essence, a network is simply a group of computers and other hardware devices that are connected and able to communicate with one another, also enabling resources to be shared between them. Networks have many different uses that are likely very familiar to anyone who works in a collaborative office environment.

A network allows:

  • • Files to be shared among users across the network.
  • • Users to share access to additional hardware devices, like a network-attached printer.
  • • Software solutions to be shared among the network’s users.
  • • Information to be accessed by any user with network permissions.
  • • Simplified communications through internal tools like email and instant messaging.

The Most Widely-Used Network Ever

Regardless of how you use it, there is one network that essentially anyone who touches a computer nowadays has used: the inter-network, commonly known as the Internet. It alone demonstrates the capabilities that other networks can have, on a global scale.

How to Keep Your Network Secure

Whether you are using the Internet or your business’ internal network, security is of paramount importance. One only has to review current events for proof of that. Fortunately, keeping a network secure doesn’t have to be an overly difficult task, especially with the help of a trustworthy IT provider.

There are various methods to securing a computer network, from encouraging smart user behaviors by providing training and requiring regular password updates, to infrastructure implementations, like using firewalls and anti-virus solutions as well as utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) as much as possible.

If you’re looking for help in securing your network, or for more information about them, reach out to the IT professionals at Quikteks by calling us at (973) 882-4644.