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What is a Motherboard?

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What is a Motherboard?

Today’s Tech Term is motherboard. We’ll discuss what the motherboard does and why it’s such an important part for your computer’s operation.

What is a Motherboard?

The motherboard is the computer’s internal control center and communications hub. It’s the central circuit board that the rest of your device’s components connect to and share data with. In other words, the motherboard is what makes a computer a computer.

When the computer boots up, the motherboard will be the first part to receive power, and will then power other components that activate the other parts of your PC.

Parts of the Motherboard

Here are the parts of a motherboard that are all needed in order for it to function as intended. Depending on the model, however, it will look a bit different and have a different form factor, or specifications. Still, all motherboards will generally have these basic components:

Chipset: The chipset is the device that allows data to transfer and flow to other components through the motherboard. The chipset is split between the Northbridge and the Southbridge and allows for communication between the various motherboard components.

CPU: The Central Processing Unit is the part that transfers data from the Northbridge to all of the different parts of the computer. A more powerful CPU will allow for a faster and better experience.

Slots: A motherboard’s slots are used to hold together its various parts. Here are some of the pieces:

Random Access Memory, or RAM.

PCI(e), which connects to expansion cards, like video, network, or sound cards.

SATA, which connect to storage drives like HDD and SSD.Need help with your motherboard? Call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644.

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