Encryption sounds like something from a spy movie, but it’s one of the ways you can now protect your messages. In fact, it’s recently become a staple of the major email providers.

Why Encryption Matters

Your email communications may not be private. Lack of encryption can expose important information in your messages. This can hurt your company, clients, or even your government. Depending on your business, you could even be in violation of data privacy regulations.

Either way, nowadays you must encrypt. Hackers are out there ready to take advantage of any crack in your defenses.

How Email Encryption Works

Encryption essentially locks your emails into a coded format which remains locked until it is received by someone who has the key. Anyone who intercepts before it reaches its destination will not be able to view its contents.

Encryption needs to be an infrastructure-wide implementation. You can’t encrypt only messages that contain sensitive information, as this gives hackers a target to focus on.

Get Encryption Support

Your business needs email encryption. Quikteks can help by implementing an enterprise-level email encryption solution that takes into account all of your business needs. We can also provide other types of email security tools, including spam protection and backup and recovery systems. To learn more, call us at (973) 882-4644.