Wearable technology has dominated the tech headlines lately, and for good reason. The concept of having smart technology so easily accessible at any time is an attractive feature for many people. Some are patiently waiting for the public release of Google Glass later this year, along with many more attractive wearable technology options including Google’s Android Wear.

Google has been hard at work on a new operating system dedicated specifically to wearable technology. At this point, wearables include mostly smart watches which will certainly be enhanced by Android Wear. Google has also freed up the software to developers to further increase the usefulness and functionality of wearable technology, making it even easier to view the information you need, when you need it, by quickly glancing at your wrist. Take a look at the preview video:

It is not like Google needed an extra boost in sales and technological influence but Android Wear is sure to keep Google on the wearable technology radar along with other manufacturers Samsung and Pebble, these companies that have already launched successful devices over the past year. At Quikteks, we’re still discovering the possibilities of wearable technology. Not many business solutions are currently available, but we look forward to the development of new technologies like these that make it convenient to stay efficient and connected.

The implications that wearable technology carries for business are huge. Imagine your current use of smartphone technology being even more time-efficient. Smart watches and other wearables like Google Glass would make it possible for your employees to be connected to your main office during the workday while being able to stay organized with lightning-fast precision whether they’re in or out of the office. We’re excited about the potential that wearable technology carries for businesses like yours.

At Quikteks we recognize when technology carries the potential to revolutionize your business productivity. Our technicians stay up to date on all of the latest technology trends to ensure that we can provide the most dynamic and effective solutions for your business. What do you think? Do you think wearable technology will find its place in your business operations? Let us know in the comments!

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