The need for social distancing brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has translated into an enormous shift to telework. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a tool that many businesses have found enormously helpful.

Remote Work is Easier with VoIP

To work from home effectively, your employees need tools for the job, just like in the office. This includes a workstation, usually a laptop capable of accessing the same data they would access in the office, and a desk phone with business capabilities.

VoIP makes this easy, running the phone through the Internet instead of a separate line. Your team can make business calls and faxes from their homes using the same number they have in the office. Software on their workstations or mobile devices gives them access to a full set of communication tools.

VoIP Offers Information Security

Your employees will still need to discuss business operations while working from home, but residential services aren’t secure enough to discuss or transfer critical business information. Network security rules are even more crucial now with hackers in a COVID- 19 feeding frenzy.

VoIP can help you there. Install a VPN (virtual private network) with your VoIP solution, and your conversations and data transfer are quickly and easily encrypted.

VoIP Plays Nicely with Other Collaborative Solutions

Many VoIP platforms are designed to incorporate other communication tools to increase their functionality. Video conferencing through VoIP allows you to have face-to-face discussions, making business feel more like it did before we were all social distancing!

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