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Virtual CIO: Your Outsourced Chief Information Officer

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Virtual CIO: Your Outsourced Chief Information Officer

Experience ultimate customer service; get a single point of contact from our staff that specializes in knowing your business. It is the job of the Virtual CIO to work closely with you and learn everything they can about the IT needs of your company. A Virtual CIO is like a high-level consultant who has your best interests in mind.

Your Own Virtual IT Guy/Girl

The Virtual CIO works for you and with you in order to best accomplish the IT goals of your business. If you are not an expert and don’t know what technology you need, the Virtual CIO will discuss with you where you want to take your company and can make intelligent recommendations.

Create an IT Plan That Fits Your Needs

Because the Virtual CIO knows so much about your business, he or she will be able to build out a long-range IT plan for your company that will actually save money. As you know from your own business experiences, a well-implemented plan means you can get it right the first time.

Budget Down the Line

The Virtual CIO will construct an IT plan for your company that considers your budget, your projections for growth, the needs of your customers and employees, and the goals of your business. The Virtual CIO will also use his or her technology expertise to assess your current network infrastructure and determine what hardware components will need to be replaced and when, and what new technologies will best serve your company’s needs.

Expert Advice at a Fraction of the Cost

A Virtual CIO is the perfect IT solution for any business with a smart budget, allowing a company to benefit from a highly trained and experienced consultant, without hiring one full time. The Virtual CIO has experience and can tap industry connections to help develop your business. He or she can also act as a mentor for your staff to equip them to handle high-level executive decisions on their own.

Sound like a smart idea? Call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644, and let’s talk!

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