Quikteks, which delivers cutting edge, reliable and cost-effective computer tech support solutions to small and medium sized businesses in the Tri-State area, announced today the re-launch of its new and improved website at https://quikteks.com.

While every page and element of the Quikteks website has either been partially or wholly re-imagined, the company highlighted three key changes that its visitors – who typically include business owners, CTOs, CIOs, CSOs, office managers, executives, and other IT decision makers – should find especially beneficial:

1.    Improved Usability: the new Quikteks website is notably more user-friendly than its predecessor. Everything from menu navigation, to layout, to color scheme and photos have been meticulously arranged to align with UX best practices.

2.    Enhanced Content: the new Quikteks website features a rich library of well-organized content on a variety of topics, including the company’s computer tech support services, coverage areas, history, and more. Visitors can also access several how-to videos, or get valuable tips and strategies in the blog.

3.    Easier Contact: the new Quikteks website features a “Contact Us” form that makes it easier than ever for prospective customers to request information that is relevant to their needs, such as managed IT services, network care, backup disaster, and several other options.

“Our goal from the start was to clearly present our computer tech support company in an appealing and user-friendly way, while still describing all of our services to our visitors,” commented Andrew Rich, Quikteks’ Founder and CEO. “And after many meetings and countless lines of code, we are proud to say that we have exceeded our expectations. What’s more, we have received unanimously positive feedback from our visitors, and are seeing across-the-board improvements on all of our website metrics, including new sessions, users, page views, and average session duration. Since our re-launch, we also have seen an increase in contact form submissions and phone call inquiries.”

Mr. Rich further noted that additional website improvements are planned for later in 2015 and throughout 2016: “While our new website is a huge step forward for us, it is only the first phase of our long-term plan. We will continue evolving our website by adding more content, videos, posts, pages, and so on. As a company, we never stop innovating to serve our customers, and this vision and commitment extends to our website.”

For more information on Quikteks new website or any other matter related to the company’s computer tech support services, email info(at)quikteks(dot)com, phone (973) 882-4644, or visit https://quikteks.com.

About Quikteks

Since 2002, Quikteks has provided cutting edge, reliable and cost-effective business technology solutions to small and medium sized businesses in the Tri-State area. The company’s computer tech support solutions include technical help desk support, computer support and consulting.

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