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Touch-Screen PCs

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Touch-Screen PCs

During the last decade touch screen technology has changed the way society uses their mobile devices. This steady improvement in technology has greatly increased the abilities of mobile devices to perform various tasks making them invaluable for use in business. This trend started with the smart phone, spreading to the 10-inch tablet and larger tablets. While these improvements are – perfect for watching YouTube videos, Netflix, or other media platforms, the real value becomes apparent when you apply these devices to work related tasks.

Touch-screens have brought about a revolution by enhancing the user experience. The integration of touch-screen usability in all devices has reached the point that it is expected by the consumer. Now, the touch-screen has taken the next step in its evolution by converting personal desktops and laptops to touch-screen technology. They have all of the power of a normal laptop but provide the convenience of a touch-screen display. It is time to ask, will these devices be what you need to improve your business’s productivity?

The laptop has worked wonders for businesses looking to increase productivity in the workplace or on the go. The ability to work while away from the office is just too good to pass up, especially when a laptop can do the same tasks as a conventional desktop (for work purposes, at least). The laptop is a productivity machine, while tablets are generally more useful as a browser or media outlet with their integrated mobile apps. What these new touch-screen laptops have to offer is increased productivity with easy-to-use touch controls that includes the best of both technologies.

The leading hardware manufacturers have all anticipated the shift toward touch-screen technology, and the newest operating systems are generally capable of taking advantage of this technology. For example, Microsoft’s Windows 8 and 8.1 are both easier to navigate using a touch-screen monitor, though there is a desktop version of this software. Most users wouldn’t mind giving the old mouse a try after ten minutes as their arm grows tired. Some touch-screen laptops, however, can switch to a tablet and back with relative ease, making these hybrid models exceptionally useful at no additional expense to the consumer (or their arm muscles). Quikteks knows better than anyone how difficult it is to find quality hardware, and that some choices aren’t for everyone. There are numerous options and specifications to consider, and not all touch-screen devices are created equal.

The upside to these devices is that, in addition to their simple touch-screen capabilities, these systems also have options for those who prefer the old-school laptop PC controls. Quikteks’ trusted IT experts take great pride in their ability to provide business owners with an educated opinion when it comes to figuring out what kind of technology is best for their company’s needs. For more information, or if you would like to speak with one of our technicians concerning your technological needs, call us today at (973) 882-4644. We’ll provide you with solid and proven solutions that will help increase your company’s productivity.

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