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The ABCs of Windows Shortcuts

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The ABCs of Windows Shortcuts

Microsoft’s Windows operating system has a huge variety of features and applications for users. Many of these can be accessed by using a keyboard shortcut. Shortcuts might only save you a few seconds each time you use them, but it all adds up. You might remember the ones you use regularly, but you might forget some, or even not be aware of their existence. Here’s a list of most of them. For quick reference, add it to your browser’s favorites!

Almost every letter of the alphabet has an associated short cut, accessed in tandem with the Windows Key (‘WinKey’ for short).

  • • WinKey + A opens the Action Center
  • • WinKey + B highlights the notification area
  • • WinKey + C launches Cortana in listening mode
  • • WinKey + D toggles Show Desktop
  • • WinKey + E launches File Explorer in the Quick Access tab
  • • WinKey + F opens the Microsoft Feedback hub
  • • WinKey + G opens the Game Bar tools, if that’s something you do
  • • WinKey + H opens the Dictation toolbar
  • • WinKey + I opens Settings
  • • WinKey + K opens the Connect pane to connect to wireless displays and devices
  • • WinKey + L locks your device
  • • WinKey + M minimizes all open windows
  • • WinKey + O locks the device’s orientation on tablets and mobile devices
  • • WinKey + P opens the Project pane
  • • WinKey + Q opens Search
  • • WinKey + R displays the run dialog box
  • • WinKey + S launches Cortana in typing mode
  • • WinKey + T cycles through the applications on your taskbar
  • • WinKey + U launches the Ease of Access/Display Center
  • • WinKey + V opens the clipboard application to show stuff that’s been copied using Ctrl+C
  • • WinKey + X opens the advanced, Secret Start menu

Rearranging Open Windows

Customizing your display to the requirements of the task at hand is a handy feature. Here are some shortcuts that can be particularly useful:

  • • WinKey + Left/Right Arrow selects the active window and adjusts it to fill either the left or right side of the monitor in which it is displayed
  • • WinKey + Shift + Left/Right Arrow moves the active window over to another display
  • • WinKey + Up Arrow maximizes the active window
  • • WinKey + Down Arrow minimizes the active window

This list only includes some of the keyboard shortcuts available using the Windows key and designed to make your workday – or your time out – easier. (There are many more, including those that use Control, Shift, Alt and other keys.) We often share these shortcuts in this blog, so don’t forget to keep checking back for more!

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