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Some Keyboard Shortcuts You May Not Know

Search a domain

Some Keyboard Shortcuts You May Not Know

Normal keyboard shortcuts like copy, cut, paste, lock your computer, and select all, are very handy, but wait, there’s more! Here are some more browser-based shortcuts that can save you a lot of time and effort.

Now, open up a new browser window and follow along!

Jump to Address Bar: Ctrl+L

To run an internet search without mousing the cursor up to the address bar, simply hit Ctrl+L. The text in the address bar will highlight so you can just type in your query or web address without touching your mouse or touchpad.

Add the Dot Com: Ctrl+Enter

To speed up navigation to most sites, hit Ctrl+Enter and it will fill in the “www.” and “.com.” All you have to type is the domain name.

Open a Search in a New Tab: Alt+Enter

To search a specific term without navigating away from the page you’re on, type a query in the address bar, and hit Alt+Enter. The search will open in a new tab.

Open a Website in a New Tab: Ctrl+Alt+Enter

HitCtrl+Alt+Enter toopen the domain in a new tab; it combines the last two functions. This allows you to jump to a new site for quick fact-checking or research. Try it now with”Wikipedia”.

Open Clear Browsing Data: Ctrl+Shift+Delete

At the end of a computer session, if you want to delete cookies, etc. you might have picked up, hit Ctrl+Shift+Delete. Thisopens the page where you can clear your browsing data.

These shortcuts should help your efficiency once you get used to them. For more tips and tricks come back next week!

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