Android is a good platform, but there are a few annoyances you may not know how to get rid of. Here is our Tip of the Week; Fixes for these irritating time-wasters on your Android device.

Issue: Excessive Rotation

Solution: Rotation lock

It’s annoying when you’re working on something and your device’s screen keeps switching orientation. Android devices have sensors that are slightly overzealous.

Here’s the fix, assuming you have at least Android 9. Open Settings, go to Display, and access Advanced. Switch the Auto-rotate screen option to off. Done.

For a Samsung device, it’s slightly different. Instead, open the Quick Settings menu by swiping down twice from the top of your phone. Tap the Auto-rotate icon so that it is grey and labeled Portrait. This locks your display in Portrait mode.

Issue: Notification Overload

Solution: Contextual notification options

Are the constant alerts getting old? To prevent applications from sending endless notifications throughout the day. To silence these interruptions, the next time it beeps at you, press and hold on the notification to open a control panel, where you can silence it or just turn it off forever.

Issue: Why Isn’t My Phone Charging?

Solution: A dirty charging port

A phone that won’t charge when plugged in can mean a serious hardware issue, but it’s often just debris in the charging port.

With a toothpick or a small brush, delicately tease out any dirt or debris in the charging port. This

can interfere with the connection to the charger. Cleaning the port is always worth a try before you buy a new phone.

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