Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, stay-at-home orders are still in place, causing most financial analysts to wonder what the economy will look like when the state of emergency ends.

This won’t last forever. Whether you had to close as non-essential or you had a plan to adapt and maintain your business, the next few months will probably be tough. Here are a few things business owners should think about now to hit the ground running when the economy reopens.

#1: Reexamine Your Budget

The first tip we suggest is to take a look at your budget and make adjustments as necessary. Do you have projects that cost too much for what they produce? Are there entitlement programs you can’t afford right now? Now is the time to find out and make the decisions.

Nobody expected a worldwide pandemic to happen. However, it did, and those businesses that had a plan to change the way their business functions have had a much easier time adapting to the situation. Learn from events and plan for the future.

#2: Maintain Your Relationships

You have probably taken years to develop the relationships that drive your business. Maintaining those relationships is worth money, even if difficult situations arise. Your relationships with your financial partners and institutions, your vendors, and your customers rely on honest business practices. If you want your business to survive this crisis, your business relationships must stay solid.

#3: Think Proactively

Unless they sell toilet paper, everybody will need to cut costs to balance their budget. Because of this, many agreements will be changing. You can expect higher interest rates, less available capital, and shorter repayment terms on loans. You need to proactively budget for these rising costs.

You also need to proactively look for innovative ways to acquire more capital, so that your business will be in a good financial position when things begin to open up.

Making sacrifices is always hard, but making conservative decisions now will help get your business through whatever comes next.

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