In business, you have to plan for the eventuality that something could happen. Whether it’s a fire, a cyber attack, or a bonehead user error, your data is too important to leave unprotected.

Let’s discuss some of the most likely causes of data loss, and what you can do to protect your business.

Natural Disasters

Floods, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, even lightning can wreck your data infrastructure. You have insurance for that, but without data backup, you could lose not only the office but the data that keeps your business running. Offsite storage or cloud backup is a cheap solution.

User Error

Anybody can make mistakes. Whether an accidental deletion or unauthorized transfer of sensitive data, user error is often a problem that leads to data loss. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery system can quickly retrieve lost data up to the last few minutes.

Security Breaches

What happens if you get hit with ransomware? Your critical files are encrypted or gone, and a chilling ransom note appears on your desktop. That’s why the famous malware is called “WannaCry.” However, with our BDR in place, you don’t have to.

Eggs in One Basket?

Don’t store your data backups on the same network with the rest of your business files. If your system goes down, so do your backups. Eliminate downtime by restoring a recent back up from off-site data storage.

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