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The Importance of Firewalls

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The Importance of Firewalls

Every business needs a strong firewall to protect their computer network. The average PC user may never think about firewalls because they come bundled with their OS or security software, but business demands a completely different level of protection.

A Different Order of Magnitude of Protection

Your business has several workstations, servers, and mobile devices, along with multiple users, and each user has multiple access points; office PCs, smartphones, tablets, and home computers. Even the firewall that comes with your server’s OS is no match for all the threats brought on by a complex business network.

Protect the Data!

You can think of this firewall situation as a firewall-knight defending a data-princess against hacker or malware-dragons. A solitary knight can do a pretty good job defending a single princess from a fire-breathing dragon, but what if he has to defend a kingdom full of people? He would be doomed, and your data would be captured and taken prisoner.

What’s the best solution? Can’t you just enable all the software firewalls on all the operating systems on your company’s network? Like enlisting an army of little soldiers?

Small Shields are Doomed to Fail.

The hacker-dragons are smarter than they look, and are good at finding vulnerabilities. Even with an army of firewalls protecting the data, a hacker will still find an opening and swoop in, steal the data- princess, and take her off to another castle.

Protect Your Data From Ever Being Under Attack.

What a business needs in order to protect all of its files is a front end hardware firewall. A front end hardware firewall acts like a large protective dome, deflecting every attack. The goal is to stop attacks on the perimeter before any real damage can be done.

We Have Your Back

Quikteks Tech Support offers security solutions that will protect your entire business. We call our firewall hardware solution the Unified Threat Management (UTM) tool. A UTM is a single device that plugs into your network and serves as one strong firewall to protect your entire business from many threats that exist on the internet.

Your business is your kingdom; don’t leave the security of your kingdom up to a simple PC firewall. Invest in a powerful all-in-one hardware security solution that will make your castle an impenetrable fortress! Call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644 to learn more.

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