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The Importance of Front End Security- Firewalls

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The Importance of Front End Security- Firewalls


Having a strong firewall to protect your computer network is an important investment for every business. The casual PC user may not ever think about their firewall because they use what comes with their antivirus software or OS, but the complexity of your business demands a solution that is not so easily circumvented. 



Your business has several workstations, servers, mobile devices, along with many different users, and each user has multiple access points. Users gain access from their office PCs, smartphones, tablets, and home computers.  All of this will be too much to handle for the puny firewall that comes with a PC’s operating system. Even the firewall that comes with your server’s OS is no match for all the threats brought on by a complex business network.

You can think of this firewall situation like a medieval knight (your firewall) defending a princess (your data) against a dragon (threats from the Internet- Hackers). A solitary knight can do a pretty good job defending a single princess from a fire-breathing dragon. All the knight has to do is hide himself and the princess behind his shield and the fire will be deflected safely away form them.

Take the same noble knight and charge him with defending a Kingdom full of people from a fire-breathing dragon that flies. The knight would be running all over the castle in a futile attempt to stay ahead of the dragon’s next attack, and the princess would be captured and taken prisoner.

What’s the best solution to help our overwhelmed knight? Recruiting more knights and soldiers? This solution is equivalent to enabling all the software firewalls on all the operating systems on your company’s network, thinking this will keep your business safe from Internet threats.

Adding more software firewalls may seem like a good idea, but it’s actually a solution that’s destined to fail because even an army of knights cannot totally protect a castle with all their little shields. Plus, dragons, like hackers, are smarter than they look and are good at finding vulnerabilities. Even with an army of knights protecting the city, a dragon will still find an opening and swoop in, steal the princess, and take her off to another castle.

What a castle (your business) needs in order to protect all of its princesses (files, or entitled employees), is a protective dome like a front end hardware firewall. One large protective dome covering the entire castle will deflect every attack from a dragon, and even attacks from multiple dragons!  The goals is to protect your data from ever being under attack.  Stop attacks on the perimeter before any real damage can be done.

Quikteks offers security solutions that will protect your entire business.  This dome is a firewall hardware solution called a Unified Threat Management (UTM) tool. A UTM is a single device that plugs into your network and serves as one strong firewall to protect your entire business from all the different types of threats that exist on the internet.

Your business is your kingdom; don’t leave the security of your kingdom up to a single knight with a shield made of software. Instead, go with an all-in-one hardware security solution that will make your castle an impenetrable fortress! Call Quikteks at PHONENUMBER to learn more.