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The Different Types of Spam

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The Different Types of Spam

Spam. We all hate it, and it never seems to stop. This week, we’ll exploring the different types of spam.

Types of Spam

Email spam: Email spam messages are likely the most recognizable form of spam. Spam emails contain all sorts of junk that can make navigating your inbox a complete nightmare. Thankfully, there are regulations put into place that keep spam out of inboxes to an extent, but you can always integrate better solutions and software to augment the sorting of spam emails.

Texting spam: In much the same way, texting spam is a way to get unwanted messages through to people. It’s interesting to note that emergency texts don’t constitute as spam. Similar to how email spam works, the CAN-SPAM Act also applies to text spam.

Comment spam: Comment spam is a bit different in nature from the previous two types. You may have noticed some comments that seem unwanted or “spammy” in nature, such as those advertising the selling of products or simply off-topic.

There are ways to eliminate or reduce the amount of spam that heads your way. If your business could use assistance fighting spam, contact us today at (973) 882-4644 for a free network consultation.