Spam. Not the edible kind. Worse. We all hate it, and it’s endless. This week, we’re looking at these types of spam.

Spam, Spam, and More Spam

Email spam: Most spam comes through email, and could turn your inbox into a complete nightmare if you don’t have a junk mail filter. There are actually regulations controlling spam, but spam still gets through, so you should learn how to integrate better solutions to exclude spam emails.

Texting spam: The wonderfully named CAN-SPAM Act also applies to text spam, and maybe somewhat more effective, as the law allows you to block them after the fact. Emergency texts don’t constitute spam.

Comment spam: If you have a website, you may have noticed some comments waiting for admin approval that seem off-topic or “spammy,” such as those advertising products or trying to promote their own websites. Spam filters of these are often ineffective.

It’s possible to eliminate or reduce the amount of spam that heads your way. If your inboxes are choked with spam, contact us today at (973) 882-4644 for a free network consultation.