As a business, you do things differently than the mild-mannered consumer. Like paying bills, it’s not like a business can sit down for half an hour every month, write a few checks, and then be done with it. Businesses have employees whose major duty is paying bills. Technology is the same way, and businesses have different technology needs than consumers.

A major way this business/consumer dynamic is played out is when it comes time for a business to purchase computers. Your regular run-in-the-mill consumer will take a trip to an electronics retail store, or perhaps shop online, in order to find the perfect PC that will meet their needs. A consumer will also agonize over price and may invest hours into learning about the latest features so they can make an educated purchase.

Businesses take a different approach to purchasing computers. First off, while many businesses will buy PCs (personal computers), many more will opt to buy a heavier duty machine called a workstation. Workstations have more memory, more CPU slots, and more power than your bargain-bin PC. Workstations are designed to meet the heavy computing demands of the office, and they are also optimized for networking. Consumers tend not to shop for a workstation when looking for a personal computer to handle their residential computing needs.

When a business goes computer shopping, they tend to go big. Some companies will plan their upgrade so that they will be able to cycle out of all of their old workstations in one fell swoop. There is wisdom to buying computers this way because it allows companies to take advantage of discounts that come with bulk pricing. These bulk discounts not only apply to hardware, but it also to applications as well. This type of upgrade is a major expense; many businesses plan for it by using a technology road map that maps a company’s future technology needs. This road map makes it so that the big computer shopping extravaganza can be something that’s budgeted for. Making IT road maps is a consultation service provided by Quikteks.

Getting Quikteks involved with purchasing technology is not only a good way to find savings with your computer purchases, t will also save you the hassle of having to shop. Whereas a consumer shopping for a PC will spend hours learning about the best features and hunting for the best price, businesses have the luxury of outsourcing this shopping responsibility to their local or regional IT company. All a business has to do is communicate to us what their needs are and a budget and we can take it from there. By outsourcing workstation shopping to Quikteks, we will find your company the best deals and the best features, and then deliver and set it up at your office in one turnkey solution!

As much work as it takes to run a business, it does come with its advantages. Quikteks is in the business of helping businesses. Call us at 973-882-4644 and have us handle your next major IT purchase to save you stress and money!