Server downtime is disruptive and can cost your business a lot of money in several ways. This loss can come in a variety of forms and can quickly add up for every hour the system is down. Larger corporations rely on huge numbers of applications and data that rely on constant access to the system. For any company, large or small, the lack of access is death to regular operations. For a newer business working hard to establish credibility, clients could be scared off.


In larger corporations, a downed server could render the whole staff temporarily unable to fulfill their jobs while receiving an hourly rate. If the company sends people home, then no work is happening. Depending on the size of the company, a single day of lost labor could cost thousands.

Customer Information

Perhaps employees are still able to perform some of their tasks without the use of a server, but with personal information of clients and customers unavailable it’s impossible to provide good service. This could impact relations with that individual and an additional loss of revenue.

Cloud Technologies

Companies increasingly use cloud-based technologies, which are of course wholly dependent on the server, so downtime means zero productivity and bad client relations, both of which will cost you money.


The reputation of your business can suffer with each minute you are down. Customers can be fickle even in a service interruption. Customer satisfaction and reviews are more important than ever today, and word can spread quickly when representatives or account managers seem unresponsive.

More than productivity can be impacted by a server being down; the damage can become exponential. Don’t let downtime cause clients to question the effectiveness of your company. Call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644 for a free evaluation, and a maintenance schedule that will protect your server.

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