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The Actual Cost of a Server Being Down

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The Actual Cost of a Server Being Down


For organizations that utilize a server, downtime can be very disruptive. Depending on the extent that the server is relied upon, a great deal of revenue can be lost. This loss can come in a variety of forms and can quickly add up for every hour that the system is inoperable. A business server is a pivotal device in most companies, as they contain large files which are usually organized by category or department.

For smaller businesses, the damage is extremely detrimental to the welfare of regular operations. Since a newer business is required to work hard to establish a credible name for themselves, clients could quickly turn away. Larger corporations could also feel a destructive brunt if there is a great deal of applications and data that rely on constant access of the system.


In larger corporations, a downed server could render every person within its walls temporarily useless. This means that the organization is paying an hourly rate for every staff member that is unable to fulfill his or her job. If the company sends people home, then there is an equal loss of time that could have been spent performing tasks that may be time-sensitive. Depending on the size of the company, the total amount of money could range in over thousands of dollars from a single day of lost labor.

Customer Information

Perhaps employees are still able to perform some or most of their tasks without the use of a server. Many businesses will store personal information of clients and customers on a localized server in order to allow multiple staff members access to that data. Without the server, the information is unavailable – which could cause negative repercussions from the client. This could impact future business with that individual and an additional loss of revenue.

Cloud Technologies

Some companies will operate their own cloud-based services for staff and customers alike. If the servers that store this information are unavailable, there could be a grand scale of productivity lost from others as well as the staff. This could damage relations and can cause customers to find alternatives to those particular apps.


More than revenue can be lost from the downtime of a server. The reputation of your business could be at stake with each passing minute. Customers can become quite fickle even in the briefest of service interruptions. The Internet gives these individuals a voice and word can spread quickly when representatives or account managers are unresponsive.

More than productivity can be impacted by a server being down. Although this situation is dependent on the amount of information and activity any particular server experiences, the damage can become exponential. Don’t let down time cause clients to question the effectiveness of your company.