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The 4 Best Things about Remote Support

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The 4 Best Things about Remote Support

There are two ways to obtain support for computer problems and IT repairs. You can call in your friendly technician. Or you can take advantage of modern technology and just pick up the phone to get remote support. Whichever way you deal with it, your computers should soon be up and running, but you could reap a lot of benefits by opting for remote support for your business IT. Here are four advantages of remote support over traditional IT repair services.

1) It’s More Efficient

There’s always something about communicating face-to-face that beats using the phone, but remote support has the edge. If you have to schedule a visit from an IT technician, who then has to commute to your workplace, it will take time, and time is money for businesses. It’s a particularly inefficient solution if the problem turns out to be something minor that can be fixed in a matter of minutes. Many IT problems can be resolved over the phone, with a little expert guidance. For other issues, remote IT services allow our technicians to examine your device or network directly.

2) It’s Cost-Effective

Time is money, but there are other hidden costs when you rely on outside IT technicians visiting your premises. Their commute to your workplace costs them money, and that will typically be reflected in your bill.

At Quikteks, the costs of technician visits are included in our flat-rate service billing. Even if you have a rash of IT problems and the technicians need to attend more often than usual, the bill remains the same. By using remote support, we can offer you IT services at a lower cost. If we can solve the problem over the phone, we don’t have travel costs and we can pass the savings over to our clients.

3) It’s the Eco-friendly Option

We all know that cars create emissions and add to CO2 levels. With remote support, that’s hundreds or thousands of miles of road travel eliminated. A business that is trying to become greener, or which prides itself on being eco-friendly, can count this as another measure taken to cut pollution and environmental damage.

4) It’s Not Intrusive

Offices can be hectic places, with deadlines and meetings and a lot of hustle and bustle. Having a technician in, following cables and poking around under the furniture, can be a bit intrusive. On a bad day, when everyone’s rushing to complete tasks, the last thing you want – on top of IT problems – is a strange individual getting under your feet. Every workplace has days like this (including ours). Dealing with things over the phone is the simpler alternative by far.

There are other advantages to remote support as well. At Quikteks we’re dedicated to making technology work for your business, and we do more than just IT repairs. We can advise on technology purchases and a whole lot more as well! For a consultation about your business IT, give us a call at (973) 882-4644.

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