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Technology as Easy as Turning a Key

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Technology as Easy as Turning a Key

One of the pleasures of life is not having to do it all yourself. Isn’t it great to get home and someone has your dinner all ready? Or having your car returned to you all shiny outside, immaculate inside and with a full tank? This is what we do in the domain of IT and business technology. With our turnkey business management solutions everything is taken care of.

What is a Turnkey Solution?

When you think of IT and business computing you might not think of turning a key. Perhaps you have a key to lock the server room or the server rack, but otherwise you don’t have keys on your keyring related to your PC or other devices. So where does the idea of the turnkey come from?

It’s actually from the construction industry, which involves expertise in all sorts of different tasks. Think of what goes into building a house. Apart from the main structure, there’s the plumbing, electricity supply, floors, closets and a whole lot more. House construction involves a great deal of co-ordination. Usually the developer handles it all, from financing through to the final touches. Completed buildings are known as turnkey homes because everything you need is there – even furniture – so all you have to do is put the key in the lock, turn and make it your own.

Turnkey IT Solutions

You can compare computers and IT networks to houses. A network is a web of cables that’s not unlike all the wires and pipes in a home, though often even more complicated. Think about buying a house. You don’t want one that looks great on the outside but is missing most of the inside, from doors to faucets to plug points. With computers it’s the same. You don’t just want a machine with the principal elements and an OS but nothing else you need for your business operations.

Of course you could buy a computer that’s not much more than a skeleton and then keep upgrading it with the programs and apps you require. It might seem like the cheaper option too, but it can be a false economy. If you buy a house that’s a shell, think of the time and effort needed to paint it, finish it off with all the necessary extras and make it into the comfortable, functional living space you want. That’s why a turnkey business management solution, with everything taken care of upfront, can be the way to go. Also remember that you could pay less to buy all your technology solutions as a discounted bundle rather than purchasing all the different elements of your business technology piecemeal.

Quiktek’s turnkey business management solution will make sure you have all the necessary business technology from day one, no matter what the size of the job is. We can build you an IT network or provide you with a new workstation that’s all set up. All you need to is switch on and turn the key to get going. To make sure your house is in order from the beginning and your business technology is all in place, call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644 and we’ll do it all!

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