There’s one word in business technology that always makes people shiver: downtime. When your technology isn’t working then your productivity and profits plummet, and the chances are that everyone is stressed out and frustrated. Just the word ‘downtime’ evokes an atmosphere of doom, gloom and paralysis. So let’s flip that around and talk about uptime instead.

Uptime, or Anti-Downtime

Uptime is the perfect scenario. All your IT is functioning optimally and everyone is happily working to the very best of their capacity. At Quikteks we emphasize proactivity and preventative measures. Why take risks? It’s always easier to anticipate problems that cause downtime than to fix problems when IT headaches and technical failures have already struck. So ask yourself this: how much of the time is all your technology working smoothly and effectively?

Most businesses have information systems that are made up of many parts. There are networks and servers, workstations, printers, copiers and a whole bunch of other peripherals. Probably these individual elements don’t all have 99% uptime, though usually it isn’t a worst-case scenario where they all go down at the same time. Still, anything that compromises uptime is a problem because, as a metric, uptime is the factor that most strongly correlates with productivity. And, of course, profit is strongly tied to being productive.

Maximizing uptime for your business is what we aim for. We do that by constantly monitoring and managing networks and hardware, using state of the art tools that are dedicated to the task and geared towards minimizing downtime. It’s partly about measuring the efficiency of services and systems in real time. Let’s put it another way: if one employee has a workstation that’s always in need of maintenance, and another with a fully-functioning brand new one, then one person is surely going to outstrip the other in terms of productivity. Uptime gives each end user the best chance to do their best work.

Building Uptime: How We Help

Our business model is all about shifting the uptime/downtime paradigm to create dramatic benefits for our clients. Here are the ways that we do it.

  • Hardware procurement: We work to provide reliable technology that 100% meets our clients’ needs, all of the time.
  • Professional installation: To achieve maximum productivity, our tech professions install all computers, all required peripherals and allied software, and will configure and test them to ensure that all servers and workstations are working optimally for your business.
  • Bulletproof networking: Businesses today rely heavily on networking for communications and effective operation. We ensure that network flow and data access are set up for maximum efficiency and properly maintained. We configure all network connections (wired and wireless), as well as routers, switches and other components.
  • Remote monitoring: Maximizing uptime requires a proactive approach to technology. By remotely monitoring and maintaining your network, as well as all the linked devices and peripherals, uptime is boosted and downtime is reduced.
  • Helpdesk support: For speedy expert advice for users, our helpdesk is there to provide support for resolving problems and keeping that all-important uptime intact.
  • Backup and disaster recovery: Properly managed systems are less vulnerable to disasters, though there’s always a possibility that unforeseen circumstances can cause problems. We provide effective and reliable data backup solutions, just in case any serious issues or problems arise.

To get control over your IT and maximize productivity, talk to one of our expert consultants about maximizing uptime and tell us about your company’s operations and requirements. Contact Quikteks at (973) 882-4644 for professional assistance.