Taking a Look at Cloud Growth

Cloud computing is an essential tool for many organizations in today’s business world. You’d probably struggle to find businesses that don’t use it in one way or another. So let’s have a look at how businesses today use the cloud to boost their efficiency and sustainability.

The Changing Face of Business Computing

Remember when watching a movie at home meant having a physical copy, on DVD or even, back in the day, a VHS cassette? Now, with streaming available for a small monthly subscription, people are saving money and getting access to thousands of movies and television series.

Cloud computing has some similarities with the new home entertainment model. Many companies provide software to organizations, but now, instead of buying a licence, businesses pay a monthly fee for users to access the software services they need via the cloud. Sometimes organizations still buy the software outright, but accessing software services using cloud computing is now the norm.

The Popularity of Cloud Computing

Instead of selling physical disks or installation codes, organizations like Microsoft, Adobe and other big brands deliver services to users that are tailored to their business computing requirements. The benefits are multiple.

They include:

Less Piracy: It may sound counter-intuitive, but by making their software more accessible, piracy is actually reduced. The software is better protected against piracy, because users need an account to use it. But, because creating an account is easy, users are less likely to resort to piracy to obtain the software they need.

Business Requirements are Minimized: In the past, businesses would need to take comprehensive measures, including dedicated workstations, for users to take advantage of many software packages. Cloud computing cuts out the complicated arrangements that used to be standard. Cloud solutions make business computing services available on any device, from a slimmed-down workstation to a laptop.

Fewer User Restrictions: The accessibility of services by means of the cloud also makes it easier for users. This is especially relevant in the context of the growth of offsite working and the use of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. No matter where they are, employees have access to the tools they need, when they need them.

Cost Savings: Buying a software licence can be expensive, and that’s without factoring in the extra costs and service fees needed to maintain the infrastructure. Software provided as a service through the cloud doesn’t just make it more accessible. It also makes it more affordable.

Using the cloud for software services is the solution of choice for many modern businesses. Does your organization want to take advantage of software in the cloud? Quikteks can help. To learn more, call us at (973) 882-4644.