Cyber attacks on small businesses are increasing rapidly and have been for the last several years according to the latest Internet security report by Symantec. Symantec reports that 43 percent, nearly half, of all cyber attacks around the world are against small businesses.

According to Andrew Rich, owner and CEO of Quikteks, a New Jersey technical support company that caters to small business, “These smaller businesses are often vulnerable due to a lack of attention to information security. Thus, they are seen as easy targets.”

He explained that some of the more common threats small businesses face land in employees’ inboxes. “Phishing scams are notorious, and they’re on the rise,” Rich said. “With these scams, an email arrives and it looks exactly like any other email from the user’s bank or perhaps from a delivery company. The message may include links (to a dummy website) or it could have an attachment (which will launch and install malware). In either case, if the user falls for the trap, the small business and its data will be compromised.”

Symantec’s report reveals that spear-phishing has increased 55 percent in 2015. Ransomware, which is a malicious attack that encrypts the business’s data and holds it hostage, increased by 35 percent.

“In the past, Windows systems were the big target,” Rich said. “Today, all systems, including Mac and Linux systems as well as smartphones and smart watches, are considered fair game to cyber criminals.”

Quikteks recommends that small business owners take action now, before a cyber attack. “Prevention, as they say, is the best medicine,” Rich said. “We can help businesses with everything from enterprise-level anti-spam and anti-phishing solutions to firewalls, Internet security, defenses against malicious downloads, and data backups.”

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