Is your tech getting elderly? It’s not just how many years your computer has lasted. There are machines that are almost twenty years old that are still functioning, even in the fast-changing world of technology. The problem is quality. Like a cat or dog, even a device that’s ‘only’ a few years old may be a whole lot more elderly than you think.

Just because you can still use a device, including connecting to the internet, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do it. Weaker security on old computers with unsupported operating systems is one issue, but it doesn’t stop there. Do you need an upgrade? Here are some signs that might indicate that an upgrade is a good idea.

Your Business Image

For most organizations it’s important to show you’re in sync with the times: modern, forward-looking and efficient. Think about it: if you’re still running Windows Millennium Edition then you’re not really conveying that message. You also want your clients to know that you’re reliable. The risk with old technology is that it can let you down, compromising your reputation. For an upgrade to more reliable new technology, Quikteks can help. We can help you select new computers, set them up for you and provide ongoing tech support as you go forward.

Slow and Steady Doesn’t Cut It

Computer systems can accumulate problems over time, including resident malware, viruses and other issues that can slow your computer down. On older operating systems even an antivirus program can make your machine considerably slower. It all ultimately impacts on your productivity. For maximum security you really need to have the latest protection, and old computers often just can’t handle it adequately. If so, it’s time to think about moving on. Newer IT systems aren’t slowed down by antivirus protection and your computing efficiency and business productivity won’t be impaired.

Is Your Hard Drive Overflowing?

As time passes, computers fill up with all sorts of stuff. Storage space is greatly increased on newer machines, so you won’t have to save data from your hard drive onto disks (and if you’re still working with floppy disks then it really is time to think about an upgrade). Insufficient space can be a time-waster and significant obstacle to effective working. Again, security considerations come into play. Old technology has many limitations. With newer tech you can take advantage of cloud storage solutions. With almost limitless storage in the cloud you can boost your data security as well as enjoying the benefits of greater storage capacity.

Ditch it if it’s Dusty

If you have old computers and peripherals that are gathering dust, get rid of them. It probably means you’re not using them anyway. It’s always fun to get the latest stuff, like a car that smells clean and new. Getting a new computer can be a really exciting event. You might be amazed at all the new features available, the things it can do to make your working life easier and even how the modern compact design and clean lines of the latest equipment look in your office!

If it’s time to leave the past behind and get new tech to boost your business, call Quikteks today. We’ll help you move beyond inefficient old technology and upgrade to a new system tailored to your needs. Call us on (973) 882-4644 for professional help and support.