This is Happening

A recent survey states that 43% of IT decision makers planned to increase their cloud investments throughout 2017. Given the increase in cloud computing over the last 10 years, it’s clear that this is the evolution of business computing. That said, cloud adoption should be considered carefully.

Take Your Time

Strangely, many business owners often adopt the latest trend in technology without much research. This is happening with cloud adoption. Projections place Software as a Service as accounting for 59% of cloud-hosted workloads by 2018.

Who is Your Service Provider?

Clearly, the cloud is a valuable asset for businesses, but if you dive right in you could easily have problems. It’s especially important to invest time considering your service provider if you don’t plan to host your solution yourself.

Not many companies manage their own cloud solution. Utilizing someone else’s services saves you a lot of time. Of course, you are trading off control for the sake of convenience. If your provider encounters an issue, you are on the hook for that, as you lose access to your cloud services.

You Need Serious IT People

Obviously, you will need to select a provider that guarantees maximum uptime, no matter what. Your provider will need to care for your solution as a member of your internal team would, and ensure that you have minimal interruptions. You’ll need the best trained IT professionals in your corner.

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