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See Big Energy Savings with Server Virtualization

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See Big Energy Savings with Server Virtualization

You know your electricity bill could be smaller if you committed to saving power. Little tricks like turning your lights off, using lower wattage, maybe a timer in the bathroom, -or not. But seriously, to make a dramatic cut to your bill, try virtualizing your servers.

How Big are the Savings?

Depending on the number and age of your servers, it’s a lot. Server virtualization cuts back the number of physical servers in the office. Server units, as you can tell by the heat they generate, use a lot of power. Companies that have virtualized their servers have reported a reduction in server electricity consumption of as much as 80%!


Newer server units are much more energy efficient than the older ones. Businesses using an old fleet of servers see the largest reductions in power usage. Quikteks Tech Support can consolidate the functions of older servers into newer servers that are often underutilized and are more energy efficient.


Server virtualization is a technology refresher. The way servers used to be set up, every major application had its own dedicated server which remained powered on 24/7, even if it was only used during business hours. New server units have much more power and resources,  to the point that they are often underutilized.

Using cloud services with the server virtualization process, we can consolidate many older applications into the newer server units, which creates a lot of new space in your server rack.

We Can Help

Want to know more about server virtualization and see dramatic savings with your electricity bill? Call Quikteks Tech Support at (973) 882-4644. We can take a look at your network and show you how server virtualization can help your company become energy efficient!

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