Physical security is as important as network security since it protects the physical infrastructure that houses your business and critical data. Protect areas and devices with access control, good communication, and employee training. Here are a few examples :

Access Control

An access control solution controls physical access. This prevents unauthorized access to certain areas by requiring identification to enter. This also allows you to monitor the entrance and exit patterns of employees in the event of a breach.

Two Factor Authentication

Good physical security solutions will require more than one form of identification, or authentication, like being required to enter a PIN code after providing a password. We call this 2FA or Two-Factor Authentication.

Security and Monitoring

A comprehensive physical security setup requires security cameras, which keep a record of who accessed where, and when. Monitoring can be done from a desktop, but there are now many excellent remote solutions.


Security requires good communication. It is important to have efficient ways for personnel to pass along status updates, security warnings, and other crucial pieces of information.

Document Security

Physical data is just as vulnerable as digital data. Keep any access points to your internal documents well secured and restricted to those with authorization.

Keep Tabs on Devices

Your documents can also be accessed through devices other than workstations. Implementing a Bring Your Own Device policy or distributing work devices allows you to keep track of devices, and will allow you to wipe them remotely if they are lost or stolen.

Create a Security Culture

Make sure that your employees are conscious of and actively implementing best practices that help to preserve the security of the business. Your employees need to be conscious of daily potential security issues, and know how to identify and avoid them, is absolutely crucial. If not, your employees are the weak points in your network security.

It Pays to Be a Little Paranoid

Consider what can threaten your business on a physical level. Cybercriminals are only the start of physical threats to your business. You should consider all threats to your business, even the weather.

This is why it is crucial that you keep a backup copy of your business’ documentation and data offsite, preferably in the cloud. If someone or something gets past your physical defenses, you still have your data.

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