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Secure Your Sensitive Data with VPN

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Secure Your Sensitive Data with VPN

Implementing a VPN solution is perhaps the best decision you can make to ensure the security of your network, and the files that it transports when users are working remotely. Whether you send files between your workplace and home or to remote locations around the globe, VPN can greatly enhance security. What exactly is VPN, and why should your company be using it?

Securing the Online Threat
The data that you access and send online is extremely vulnerable to attack from hackers who’d like to steal your personal info to exploit you financially. By merely accessing private data on unsecured networks, you put that information at risk of being captured and stolen by people with bad intentions. For example: you are accessing company bank account information from a public Wi-Fi network. Unbeknownst to you, a hacker has weaseled his way into the network, and has stolen your company banking information.

So how can we prevent this kind of vulnerability for the companies we represent using VPN technology?

VPN is Secure
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and enables devices to send and receive information privately and securely across public networks. A VPN solution is a private tunnel between two networks. When you implement a VPN solution, you actually connect to a VPN server in order to securely send and receive data and files over the Internet. This process encrypts all of your data and information making it harder to become a victim of hacking. When using a VPN server your files, web traffic, passwords, people you talk to online, usernames, and even your device’s IP will all be inaccessible to outsiders trying to compromise your sensitive information. The security benefits are huge. Most hacking victims are targets of opportunity.

VPN For Your Business
As most businesses and corporations begin to use online data storage with the cloud servers and remote server access, they need the very strict security policy’s to insure they won’t get hacked and suffer data theft, loss or corruption. With VPN solutions, companies are able to support their work-at-home and mobile employees without any extra effort wasted on worrying about server security, or the expense of fixing a problem after it has occurred.

Quikteks can explain the technicalities on how VPN connections work, but for now, we’ll let you in on how easy and cost effective they are for companies to implement.

If you’re not sure where to start looking for a VPN solution, look no further than Quikteks. We provide New Jersey small businesses with the benefits of online security through our VPN and mobile office solutions. For more details on how to ensure the security of your company data, give us a call today at (973) 882-4644!