b2ap3_thumbnail_doxiescan400.jpgEverybody wants to go paperless, but few people actually want to sit in front of their PC for hours scanning piles of paperwork. If scanning papers was more convenient, then surely more people would go paperless, this is the logic behind the Doxie scanner. Doxie is a portable scanning solution that lets you scan anything from anywhere.

What really stands out with the Doxie scanner is the size of the device. Doxie’s most popular model, the Doxie One, is thin enough to fit inside a purse or a briefcase, and it is light enough to not be cumbersome at 13.6 ounces. The portability of the Doxie One scanner comes from its power source of four AAA batteries. If you upgrade to the Doxie Go model, it comes with a built in rechargeable battery.

The mechanics of the Doxie scanner are simple, you insert paper into a slot, and it pulls it through in the same way a vending machine scans paper money. The Doxie scanner only takes eight seconds to scan a full sized color page, and images are stored at a quality of 300DPI on a 2GB SD card. The SD card can be removed to easily transfer images to your computer or device, and the Doxie Go scanner even comes with WiFi capability that will allow you to wirelessly download your scans to your PC, iPhone, or iPad.

Doxie’s software is designed to make it easy to share and manage your scans. Doxie is unique in that its software syncs new images to your PC and devices in the same way that a digital camera syncs its newest pictures to a hard drive. Syncing your Doxie scanner will also adjust to the latest way you have organized your scanned images, no matter what platform you last worked on.

When scans are downloaded to your computer or device, they are saved as PDF files that are searchable and perfect for email attachments. Doxie’s software has iMessage and AirDrop built into it, this allows you to easily share a scan with anybody who owns a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Scans can also be saved to various commercial cloud services linked to the Doxie software. Storing your scans to the cloud will allow you to access them from anywhere on mobile devices

The standard Doxie One model is priced at $149, or you can upgrade to the Doxie Go for $199 and enjoy additional features like the ability to scan legal sized documents, and a USB port to store and transfer scans to a flash drive. For $30 more, you can add WiFi to the Doxie Go. And if you don’t like the look of another boring black appliance, both of these Doxie models are available in eight vivid colors.

See the Doxie scanner yourself at: getdoxie.com

Do you think the Doxie scanner is the tool you have been missing to finally go paperless? Can you think of a few remote locations that you have always thought be a great place to scan papers? Share with us your thoughts in the comments!

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