Employee turnover can really stunt productivity and force you to waste a lot of time hiring and training new people. It’s also bad for employee culture at work. How can you use technology to retain top talent and reinforce good culture amongst your employees?

Today we’ll examine some of the biggest business technology innovations that can help your organization keep its talent happy and its culture healthy. Let’s look at the physical workspace of your company and how technology can influence the user’s satisfaction.

Free Your Employees With Mobile Technology

Do you have a space that works with a more mobile type of working style? Give your employees the mobile technology to take advantage of their workspace. Open offices are gaining popularity over the traditional work desk. Provide open areas where employees can work when they need to get away from others to focus on a task. This lets employees work on their own terms while still maintaining productivity.

Make It Easy for Employees to Use their Devices

A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy can be a good thing for your business. Why invest in company devices? You can just have your employees use their own devices for work, as long as they adhere to your data security policy. A good BYOD policy will respect employees’ ability to be productive in a way that works for them but will maintain the right to remotely wipe devices and apply permissions to whitelist or blacklist apps.

Keep Your Technology Systems in Good Shape

Nothing is more irritating for workers than technology that doesn’t work. Even a simple daily task like checking your email can be held up by a workstation that is too slow or not configured properly. Make sure technology maintenance is a top priority at your company. If you don’t take proper care of your tech, employees can’t be productive and will feel that no one cares about their work, so why should they? Their frustration can show up in their work performance.

Quikteks can help you implement and maintain your technology in a way that will keep employees happy. To learn about our remote monitoring and management solutions, and our thoughts on Bring Your Own Device policies, give us a call at (973) 882-4644.

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