Hiring new employees is never an easy task, there are so many factors to weigh but the single most   important one that you should consider when looking for IT staff is how much you can trust them. They will be the ones responsible for handling all aspects of your technology. You are giving them an incredible responsibility. With the future of you company at stake you need to be sure they are honest, hard-working and most of all trustworthy individuals. How can you ensure that you aren’t going to be blindsided by your IT staff?

Roger Grimes of InfoWorld discusses several warning signs that he’s encountered in the past that might foreshadow troubling behavior from your technology department. Here are three of these warning signs you should look out for.

Have They Failed a Background Check?
Normally, a failed background check could mean that the potential hire isn’t a reliable choice. However, Grimes suggests looking beyond that at why the individual failed a background check. People make mistakes, and some can haunt us for the rest of our lives, even if they were decades ago. The real problem is if the person has lied about their background and their check comes up negative. It’s important for prospective employees to be honest and forthcoming about their past, in order to foster a relationship built on trust. In fact, Grimes claims that his employees who have less-than-stellar backgrounds were exceptionally useful when identifying real criminals.

They Are Privy to Sensitive Information.
This should be a loud and clear warning sign. If your team knows information that they shouldn’t have access to, it may indicate that they’re up to something. For example, an employee who is aware of changes that are being implemented before they are announced to the staff is probably poking his nose in where it doesn’t belong. This should bring up the question of whether or not they’re stealing confidential data, like client credit card numbers or Social Security numbers, and using it to make fraudulent purchases or otherwise.

They Leave the Company in a Fit of Rage.
This is one of the most dangerous events your business can experience. We all have that one employee who does a lot, and is well-respected for his hard work around the office. However, what happens when that employee finally snaps from overworking himself? Will he get all fired up over it and leave in a frenzy, or will he respectfully put in his two weeks notice and leave without incident? If he chooses the former, and he was privy to sensitive information like client usernames and passwords, he could quickly create a lot of trouble for your business.  This scenario makes it important for you or your remaining IT staff to immediately change all passwords associated with the company or its clients.

Outsourced IT from Quikteks.
While utilizing your in-house IT staff certainly has its advantages, an outsourced IT agency like Quikteks comes with no strings attached. Our trusted IT professionals have proven time and again that they can be relied upon to handle your sensitive technology in the most efficient way possible.

To prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information, we can set up user permissions that restrict network access to select individuals. We can also respond to employee turnover by minimizing the risk associated with their leaving the company. We can even integrate security cameras and remote monitoring protocol to ensure that your team isn’t pulling the wool over your eyes. Just give us a call at 973 882 4644 to learn more.