For a field as innovative as IT, it’s surprising how little the basic principles of a solid business IT strategy have changed. Let’s consider some of these principles.

The Purpose of IT: Operational Benefit

Information technology isn’t supposed to be some purposeless frill; an expensive way to do what we used to do with a pencil, Every new solution brought into your business needs to have a real operational benefit.

A business should be able to rely on its IT resource to be the expert consultant; not just the tech who keeps the computers running. Your IT should be able to show how a new technology or business application would provide some real benefit.

Securing Your Hardware and Software Solutions

Before business began the shift from on-site network and storage infrastructures, we secured our business’ essential hardware solutions with physical locks and passwords. Only employees who needed access had access.

Today most businesses are shifting to the cloud, where access is also restricted, but differently. By switching to cloud services, small businesses can access computing resources beyond what they would be able to afford with in-house hardware. Cloud service providers have enterprise-level security measures in place and take responsibility for access restrictions.

Threat Management

How a business deals with IT threats has also shifted. Initially, our response was reactive. As hackers got through our defenses we added patches and updated malware lists. We increased the complexity of sign-on requirements. As malware became more sophisticated, we fought back harder.

More recently, the IT solutions themselves have more internal security features, and there is a greater emphasis on user education. Employees can be the worst security liabilities without malware and phishing awareness training.

With the evolution of IT, business has access to increased computing resources, but we have also had to change our practices. Quikteks is here to help you use this to optimize your business. To consult about the solutions we can help you put into place, call us today at (973) 882-4644.

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