FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2020 — Quikteks Tech Support has unveiled five cybersecurity predictions for 2021. With cybersecurity still a prevailing issue for businesses of all types, in any industry, Quikteks expects these issues to make their way toward the front page:

1. Remote Work Is the New Norm: More businesses are embracing the idea of employees working from home. Cyber threats won’t be limited to corporate networks. Home network vulnerabilities will expose corporate data to threats, as home networks are inherently insecure and end users are generally not savvy about cybersecurity.

2. Home PCs as an Economic Threat: The use of vulnerable home PCs to access critical company assets will become the latest attack surface area in the economy. Home computers serving as corporate endpoints will likely become the weakest link in company networks.

3. More Scams Targeting Home Users: People working from home may not be alert enough to detect social engineering and phishing scams that might target them in a corporate setting. These are anticipated to more frequently target home users with access to business network resources.

4. Advanced Ransomware: Stronger, more sophisticated ransomware will be engineered to enter VPN networks from remote locations. Cyber criminals will therefore be able to expand their targets in their efforts to disable corporate networks.

5. The Expansion of 5G: Rapidly gaining traction, 5G may make computers and communications faster, but will also result in the introduction of new cyber threats and vulnerabilities, until there are defenses to catch up with these evolving threats.

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