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Quikteks Fire IT Survival Guide

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Quikteks Fire IT Survival Guide

Unlike other natural disasters, fires can come unexpectedly. Whether by accident or as a result of something else, fires can cause a lot of damage to your business, hardware, and anything else in its path. Therefore, it’s best to have a checklist that employees and management can refer to in the event of a fire.

For your convenience, we’ve put together a general list of items that any organization can use in preparation for an unexpected fire. Some companies may have additional steps depending on their IT needs.

The items below should be done PRIOR to a fire, not during. In the event of a fire, exit the building or follow instructions of building managers.

To create a Disaster Recovery Plan for your business, please contact us or schedule a free consultation.

Fire IT Survival Guide

Perform the following PRIOR to a fire.

Prior To A Fire

? Backup Frequently Make sure you have an automatic, scheduled backup of all your data. We recommend backing up to an off-site location.

? Map Out Your IT Create a rough blueprint of where your servers, cables, workstations, and other hardware are in your office. List all the technologies in your office.

? Map Out Escape Routes Paths to each exit must always be clear and clearly marked.

? Locate Fire Extinguishers There should be fire extinguishers in every office. Make sure you there are enough extinguishers in your building.

? Create scenarios List your steps on what to do if a fire started in each office room, kitchen, lounge, hallway, etc. What should one do if a fire started in that room? What should one do if someone else is manning the fire? Which hardware should be saved or relocated, if possible? Include contingencies if necessary.

? Inform your employees & staff Email your staff or address it in your weekly meetings on what to do in the event of a fire. It's better to be prepared than not prepared when it's too late.

During A Fire

? Remain calm

? Follow Training Procedures If you have been trained to deal with a fire, follow your training procedures. Do not harm yourself. If the fire is too risky, exit to safety.

? Sound the alarm or alert your coworkers to evacuate.

? Call 911 / Leave building

After A Fire

? Update Employees & Staff Email your employees with updates. Use social media if necessary.

? Contact MSP Give your managed service provider a call and inform them of the incident. They will be able to give you more direction with next steps.

Quikteks Disaster Recovery Plan

We can help create a custom disaster recovery plan that works for your business. Keep files and communications secured and backed up no matter what threat comes your way.

Call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644 or schedule a free network consultation.

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