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Protect Your Cloud Data

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Protect Your Cloud Data

b2ap3_thumbnail_secure400.jpgRecently, Adobe sent out e-mails and letters to users notifying everyone of a security breach. “The attackers may have obtained access to your Adobe ID and encrypted password.” The obvious question here is, “How do I protect myself and my business from such attacks?” The unfortunate answer is you can’t, but you can marginalize the impact by taking some common sense measures.

Security breaches like the one experienced by Adobe can be alarming, especially considering that numerous users have moved to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model where the application is hosted in the cloud. This cloud hosting service is offered by Adobe and this is the direction that several software providers are heading. This SaaS model is particularly convenient in terms of getting work done, however your security is only as effective as the company that hosts your apps. Here are some solutions of what you can do to enhance their security measures.

Password Protection is Critical
It is not uncommon to have a several accounts requiring passwords these days. Keeping track of all of these passwords can be very overwhelming. Therefore, many of us use the same passwords for all of our accounts, whether it be for our online banking to our car insurance, and everything else in between. Unfortunately, even though this practice is frowned upon, it’s the norm for so many of us. Using different passwords for different accounts is the simplest solution to protect your information. Think about it, the last thing you want is someone hacking into your Xbox Live account and gaining access to your bank account and personal e-mail. Right?

Another example of something many people do to render themselves vulnerable is to create a digital document listing all of their passwords next to their accounts. This practice is definitely not advised. Due to the amount of malware and phishing scams that are out there, you are compromising your entire computer and a document like this would be like the Holy Grail to an identity thief.

If you do choose to keep track of passwords digitally, it is recommended that you use an encryption service. Some services that provide military –level encryption are LastPass or RoboForm. Choosing a service like this will help give you some peace of mind regarding your accounts.

SaaS Payment Management- Seperate Account
Another way to effectively safeguard against a major attack on your network is to dedicate a specific credit card to SaaS and other digital payments as opposed to using one card to purchase everything. For example, if you know what the total amount of the bill for your company’s Adobe Creative Cloud year membership will be, then you can use a card with a limit of no more than that amount.

By following these simple steps, you will feel more at ease knowing that you protected your accounts in the unfortunate event that your data is compromised. This way, you can continue on with more productive business instead of having to spend your valuable time sifting through all of your different accounts to change your passwords.




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