b2ap3_thumbnail_cam400.jpgThe world you do business in is a pretty dangerous and messed up place, and things always seem to be getting worse. Thankfully, security technology is improving, which helps offset the risks of living in a perilous world. You can take advantage of these security improvements by installing intelligent surveillance cameras for your business.

Here are four intelligent surveillance camera features that will help you sleep better at night.

Motion and Light Detection
One of the biggest advantages of using digital surveillance is that you don’t have to record 24 hours of useless footage, followed by having to waste time fast forwarding it in order to find anything relevant. By having an event trigger the recording, intelligent surveillance cameras have the ability to only record what’s important.

Two convenient actions that can trigger an intelligent surveillance camera to record are motion and light. Many intelligent cameras will allow you to set parameters in the viewing area so that only the movement within the important area of the frame is captured. This can come in handy if you only want to record the cars pulling into your parking lot, and not the traffic on the street. Light detection is another handy feature that can trigger a recording, which is a great way to record people walking into a dark room or burglars using flashlights.

Timer Settings
Because digital surveillance cameras tie into your computer network, you can take advantage of software that gives you a bounty of customizable surveillance options. One convenient option is to program your cameras to automatically record during certain time periods. This saves you the hassle from having to manually hit record before going home for the night. Additionally, by taking advantage of cloud computing services for your company’s network, you can even access the surveillance software away from the office. This will allow you to adjust the timer settings and even view live footage from the comfort of your safe home.

Alarm Detection
With intelligent cameras protecting your property, you can set up your surveillance system to only record when the security alarm is triggered. This option will appeal to business owners that already have a great security system in place and are looking for a way to capture the events causing your security system to go off (like locking yourself outside the building), instead of having to record hours of uneventful footage.

Facial Recognition
It sounds like a technology out of science fiction movie, but now you can use intelligent surveillance cameras to equip your business with facial recognition security. Digital cameras have enough resolution that they can pick up distinguishable facial features and match them to faces in a database. This information will then be saved over your network and fed into analytics software, allowing you to track the movements of all the people recognized by your cameras.

Facial recognition technology is just one of the many analytics tools available with your digital surveillance system. By loading your surveillance footage into your security software, you will be able to play CSI by analyzing people’s behaviors and patterns using advanced technology.

Digital surveillance technology can be scaled to the size and security needs of your business, and it’s easy to add more cameras to your security network as your company grows. To get started with your own digital surveillance system, you will first want to reach out to your IT company because digital surveillance uses the hardware infrastructure of your company’s computer network. Call Quikteks at PHONENUMBER to learn more about using your network for digital surveillance.

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