Data security can be a headache, especially if you don’t have dedicated security personnel. While digital data security is important, how can you make sure a thief or hacker isn’t just walking into your office?

How’s Your Physical Security?

If you don’t have guards or security cameras in place, you could suffer from a physical security breach, which can be just as devastating as a digital breach. How comprehensive is your security? With so many cyber threats out there these days, we tend to focus on digital security, but some crooks would rather infiltrate a business the traditional way.

Beware of Bad Apples

Nobody wants to think it, but you might even have a few bad apples working for you who might be tempted to steal if you make it easy. In this case, digital security is irrelevant, but physical security like locked doors and cameras could make all the difference.

Access Control, Access Monitoring

Access control, both digital and physical, is a key security tactic. Take a tiered approach so that employees only have access to the data they need, on the devices they need. If certain data is missing or corrupted, you know who is responsible. If the employee’s credentials have been stolen and abused by a cybercriminal, you know how to limit the damage.

Access monitoring is part of this scenariobecause it can determine when and where someone is accessing data. If someone from another country is accessing data in the wee hours of the morning, the security problem is probably digital.

Keep a Sign Out Log

Keep track of who checks out devices. If you’re not keeping track of who checks out what device, you’ll never know who currently has them, or when they were last taken out. It makes it astonishingly easy to steal a device.

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