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Outsource Your IT and Worry Less About Malware and Breakdowns

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Outsource Your IT and Worry Less About Malware and Breakdowns

Information technology is a necessity in today’s world. No matter the industry, IT solutions play a major part in daily operations. Businesses need their IT solutions to be in working order, which is where ‘managed service providers’ come in.

A managed service provider works differently than the old school break-fix model. Rather than leaving you to manage your technology and only performing maintenance once a system has failed, the MSP takes steps to ensure that your IT is more reliable and is better suited to your business’ particular needs. Perhaps most importantly, an MSP will manage your IT for you, ensuring that business-disrupting events are avoided whenever possible.


Suppose your current technology is outdated or running on older software. Leaving it outdated will make your network vulnerable to malware, cyber attacks, and incompatibility issues with other newer technologies. Therefore you have three options:

Do It Yourself
Most business owners find it too time consuming to manage their office technology. This inevitably puts the time to update and secure all their computers aside, causing the software to “age” without proper care. Business owners therefore decide between the next two options.

Hire In-House IT Staff
One option is to hire an in-house IT employee to take care of all things IT. While this may solve your short-term needs, there are several downsides that may create more of a burden than a solution.

Outsource Your IT
By partnering with a managed service provider, your technology will continuously be updated and maintained. This ensures that your applications aren’t missing updates without you having to do anything. Plus, your MSP can remotely run the update installation during the company’s off-hours and avoid creating downtime for employees.

Managing a business comes with many responsibilities, so it’s only natural that some things may fall by the wayside every now and again. However, if installing an updated version of one of your solutions to each workstation is repeatedly pushed back in favor of other needs, your business will be missing out on some very real benefits.

This has been just one example of how outsourced IT services can benefit a business. To find out more about what a managed service provider can do for your business, view our services, or reach out to Quikteks at (973) 882-4644.