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Online Data Security

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Online Data Security

b2ap3_thumbnail_secure400.jpgWith SaaS (software as a solution) and cloud computing making inroads at our jobs and in our personal lives, it’s only natural to worry about security; in fact, you should worry–at least in so far as it gets you to take some proactive measures to safeguard your identity and credit.  Even major companies like Adobe have been prone to security breaches; they recently had to tell their customers that their passwords may have been compromised.  So, the fact is, if it can happen to Adobe, it can happen to you and your other passwords too!  Whether you own a business or simply want to protect your personal assets better, follow these tips to protect yourself from identity thieves and hackers. 

Fast Growing Technology

The innovations in technology like cloud computing are phenomenal and changing the way people work and use the internet in wonderful and productive ways.  However, there always seem to be security risks when it comes to online platforms and with few ironclad protections for the masses, many of us are vulnerable.  Identity thieves are tech savvy and have an arsenal of methods to get into our accounts and wreak financial havoc.  That doesn’t mean you should slam your laptop closed in fear; however, it does mean you should take some serious precautions to minimize your risks and protect your assets and identity. 

Protect Your Passwords

According to PC World, “A 2007 study of Web users by Microsoft Research found that the average user has 6.5 Web passwords, each of which is shared across almost four different websites. In addition, each user has about 25 accounts that require passwords, and types an average of 8 passwords per day” (  People have passwords to bank online and may even have one for each credit card and company they do business with.  Because remembering which password matches which company is difficult, many people simply use one for everything. 

Unfortunately, the one-password for all approach is incredibly unsafe.  For instance, your Xbox Live account could get hacked and then allow the hacker to have access to your email account and banking password; too often, this single password becomes a security issue for people.  Instead, use a different password for each account.  Don’t store them in a file online either!  An identity thief that gets into your computer files could then have a field day with that information.  Use that old-fashioned device called a pen and write them down and keep somewhere at home–in an old book (somewhere you’ll remember and where a thief won’t look).  Also, don’t label the page “passwords.”  

Keep in mind there are some military-level encryption services like LastPass or RoboForm that can help you with password storage.  Even so, many people will try to hide their password information in a secure spot that no one else has access to. 

Managing Your SaaS Payment

Many of Adobes Saas customers might be considering designating a credit card that is only for use with Adobe and contains only the amount needed to pay for Adobe’s Saas services.  You can consider doing this for any of your SaaS or cloud vendors.  It’s not a good idea to use your bank card, for example.  Try to keep accounts separate whenever possible or use a credit card with a low credit limit online in order to safeguard your credit. 

Follow these steps and you can enhance your security and keep your data from becoming compromised.  This works whether you represent a business or just want to safeguard your personal finances.  The threats to our data our viable, so be sure to take your online security seriously.











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