b2ap3_thumbnail_birdchargecard.jpgWith the holiday season upon us, there is no better time to than the present for tech savvy consumers to find the hottest new technology. The ChargeCard may just be that. Cords can be inconvenient, mobile device cases do not have room for your charging cord, and cords do not fit inside pockets very well. You may even have to carry a bag just for your cord. A new product called ChargeCard takes care of this issue by allowing you to charge your iPhone with a card that fits inside your wallet.

The ChargeCard is the exact same size as a credit card, and it is designed to charge and sync iOS devices like the iPhone 4s and older, the iPad 3 and older, and all iPods. The ChargeCard is made out of hard plastic and is 0.1″ thick. In the center is a bendable rubber tongue that folds out and plugs into a USB port, and there is a 30 pin connector on the opposite end of the ChargeCard that fits into the device. When everything is hooked up, it looks like a credit card is connecting your device to your computer.

The ChargeCard is not compatible with the newly redesigned iPhone 5 docking connector. If you still want to use the ChargeCard on your iPhone 5, then you can buy an adapter conveniently made by Apple. Unfortunately, the adapter is too bulky to also fit inside of your wallet, this means you have to figure out a way to transport your adapter, so the adapter route may not be worth it.

The ChargeCard is set for release in December of 2012. You can preorder your own for $25 from their website, and it is small enough to even be sent in a Christmas Card. If the ChargeCard takes off, then it is likely they will make a version compatible with the iPhone 5.

The story of the ChargeCard is a feel good tale appropriate for the holidays. ChargeCard team members Adam Miller and Noah Dentzel looked to the public to fund their idea using the internet fundraising website Kickstarter.com. They needed to raise $50,000 in forty days; at the end of their fundraising deadline, 5,428 people backed their project and they had made more than enough money to make the ChargeCard a reality with a total of $161,897.

If you are looking for a way to add a fun twist to your holiday shopping experience, then we recommend you check out fundraising websites like Kickstarter.com. Whenever you back a Kickstarter project you are essentially preordering the product, and the more you give the more rewards and bonuses you receive. There is a bit of a wait for the project to be funded and developed, but when it is all said and done you are the first to get a cool new product and you are filled with Christmas cheer knowing that you helped make someone’s dream a reality.