Are you compiling your New Year’s resolution list and looking for some help to achieve your goals? If one of your resolutions is to spend less time goofing off on the internet, try this helpful productivity app called Freedom.


Freedom helps you to be more productive by disabling your internet connection to your desktop, thus “freeing” you from your internet overlord. You determine the length of the sessions, which can be as long as 480 minutes.

Tick Tock

Freedom tracks session time by only counting the time that your computer is awake. If your computer goes into sleep mode, Freedom stops counting. Freedom is supposed to help you control the amount of time that you spend online; not eliminate it. If you want time away from your PC to count as session time, disable your screensaver during the session.

Freedom Is Not Free, But Almost

Although Freedom does offer a trial version that will give you five free sessions, it’s only $10 for the full version, and spending money can actually be a psychological boost that will help you be more committed to your goal. Like a gym membership, you’re paying for it, so you might as well use it.

Will I Be Locked Out?

Freedom doesn’t actually prevent you from accessing the internet. If you have to go online during a session, you can restart your computer. Also, Freedom does not have a mobile edition; so if your resolve weakens you can just grab a device.

If you are serious about controlling the amount of time that you spend on the internet, here are some additional tips:

• Try Anti-Social, a productivity app be the makers of Freedom that only turns off social media websites like Facebook or Twitter.

• If you want to clean up your browsing habits, try X3watch, accountability software that will track your browsing history and send a weekly e-mail listing any adult sites that you have visited to a friend who has agreed to be your accountability partner.

• Worst case scenario, if you live with someone who is willing to help you win your life back from the internet, ask him or her to hide your devices and the power cord for designated periods of time.

Here at Quikteks we love the internet, but you can’t let it rule you. What do you think? Would you like to spend less time on the internet? Do you think you will give Freedom a try? Do you have any additional internet usage tips to share? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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