Throughout the year, businesses across New Jersey endure temporary or prolonged periods of technological downtime triggered by internet connection outages, server crashes, weather, email service interruptions, general power failures, and more. Now, New Jersey business technology solutions leader, Quikteks’ is sharing a new online downtime cost calculator which will help businesses have a better understanding of the financial impact downtime can have on their business.

Quikteks’ new downtime calculator, which is available at https://quikteks.com/downtime-cost-calculator, allows businesses to simply plug in numbers related to their network downtime situation and self-determined labor costs. Once finished, the calculator instantly identifies:

• The yearly network down time
• The total dollar amount loss due to downtime

Businesses can further calculate their financial losses by factoring in intangible costs, such as boosting employee morale, improve working conditions, and increasing customer satisfaction.

“Business owners work extremely hard to improve productivity; not just so they can succeed in the short-term, but so they can survive and thrive financially in the long-term,” commented Quikteks Founder and CEO Andrew Rich. “However, grasping the productivity impact of technology downtime is often overlooked, because the numbers are hard to quantify. With our new downtime cost calculator tool, business owners and finance and operations leaders have an additional highly valuable data point to make strategic and operational changes that result in major cost savings related to their businesses and technology.”

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