In an effort to give back to the community, New Jersey tech support leader Quikteks has launched a unique new charity donation program called “Give A Little, Get A Lot”.

The idea is simple yet impactful: each time an individual or a business refers a prospective customer to Quikteks — regardless of whether the introduction develops into a commercial relationship – the company will donate $10 to a local charitable organization, such as the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, Eleventh Hour Pet Rescue, Girls On The Run, the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women, or any other registered charity of the referrer’s choice.

Furthermore, if the prospective customer signs-up for any of Quikteks’ solutions, the referring party will receive a $250 gift certificate to the merchant of their choice, such as Visa, MasterCard, Amazon, Staples, and several other options. They can also spend their gift card at CharityChoice, which is affiliated with over 1000 registered charities.

“As we head towards our 15th anniversary, we wanted to launch a unique initiative that made it easy and rewarding for our New Jersey customers and partners to join us in giving back to the local community,” commented Quikteks Founder and CEO Andrew Rich. “Based on the incredibly positive response so far, the program is poised to be even bigger and more beneficial than we hoped!”

More information on Quikteks’ new Give A Little, Get A Lot charity donation program, including a short online form for making an introduction and participating in the special initiative, is available at https://quikteks.com/about-us/give-a-little-get-a-lot.
For all other information email info@quikteks.com, phone (973) 882-4644, or visit https://quikteks.com.

For More Information:
Email: info@quikteks.com
Phone: (973) 882-4644
Web: https://quikteks.com